The Falstaff Weinguide wrote about us…

“Andreas Mengel und Sohn Fabian sitzen auf einem Bodenschatz aus Kalk und Kreide” und

“Da merkt man – der kann mit den Weißweinsorten genauso gut umgehen wie mit jenen für Rotwein”


Dates 2021 – Meet us again!

19.11. – 21.11.21
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Straußwirtschaft – wine tavern

Come visit our winery for a weekend trip. We’re located just 20 kilometres southwest of Mainz. Ingelheim and Bingen are also close by.


Business hours

Our Straußwirtschaft is only temporarily closed.

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The Zimmer-Mengel winery is in an idyllic location – nestled amongst vineyards – at the edge of Engelstadt. Looking out over the Selz valley and the hilly Rhine-Hesse landscape, the beauty of the region is evident. The area offers ideal conditions for growing lively wines with light acidity and a salty, spicy and mineral character. The Mainz basin was once an ancient sea, as proven by the calcium deposits still found in the soil today.

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